Pure Gold Plated Large Sound Head Condenser Mic


RM-18 condenser microphone has a good performance and elegant appearance, the use of sophisticated electronic circuit control and special pure gold coating large vibration sound head. Has a good heart-shaped to pick up and high sensitivity output, low noise, wide dynamic range and so on.
◆ Ф34 pure gold pated coating large vibration sound head;
◆ sophisticated electronic circuit design, can eliminate cross-distortion and harmonic distortion;
◆  Cardioid Polar Pattern, high sensitivity, low noise, wide dynamic range;
◆ equipped with a unique design of the integrated gold-plated anti-spray cover, easy installation and removal;
◆ appearance of noble and elegant, unique, the use of gold-plated process of the network head, up and down roop together, wind shield and shock mount, the body use metal aviation aluminum and paste with leather design, durable, beautiful and generous;
◆ trademark and model using high-precision mechanical and laser engraving technology to enhance product quality and texture.


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